Best Floor Mats Bathroom Avoid Dog Pee

Best Floor Mats Bathroom Avoid Dog Pee

Are you frustrated about your dog that always pees on the floor and your bathmat? Or, looking for a puppy training mat to avoid this situation?

I have seen many house-trained dogs that use pee on the floor or bathmat instead of using their certain place. It is really disgusting when you feel that unfortunately, you are stepping in pee. However, A puppy training bathmat can help you get rid of this awkward situation.

There are many bathmats available for training your dogs, and we tested dozens of mats from there to identify the best one. When we had been testing these mats, we prioritized mostly their size, absorbency, ability of odor neutralization, credentials, and user experience.

That’s why you are now going to discover an effective bathmat across the market that would make your dog happy and inspire you to pee on it.

What to consider before buying pee mats?

Though there are many alternatives available to pee pads, their’s quality is not equal to others. So it’s very important to be conscious when you are selecting pads for your loving dog pet.

There are some important things you have to consider before buying pee pads for your dog;

The ability of absorbency: Mats that you want to choose for your dog should have the ability of quick absorbency of liquids. If the mats can’t hold enough pee and absorb it early, it may fill with liquids that will make it odors further.

Dry ability: Another important thing is checking its dry ability. How frequently the mat is drying ensures you the dogs can use it multiple times a day.

Odor control: Nobody won’t likes to let their dog-mats stink. The stink in the room is a very frustrating situation for everyone. Though many manufacturers provide an odor control feature with the mats, others totally avoid that. Moreover, some brands offer fragrances to prevent this bad smell, but a number of people hate that provided strong fragrances.

Attractants: Try to measure how attractive your choosing mats are. Many puppy training mats have infused features that are designed to attract the puppy. If any puppy mats are included ammonia, pheromones, or grass smells, then the dogs will feel it is the best place for them.

Leak-proofing: Find out mats for your puppy that is 100% leaking proof. In spite of, there are having many many mats are waterproof backing, others may have a difference on this point. Some mats may leak urine underneath that makes your floor wet.

Durability: If your puppy is used to chewing everything, finding a durable pee mat give you value for the money.

Eco-friendly credentials: It depends on you whether you consider it or not.

What is the best pee mats for your dog?

PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty, Alternative to Puppy Pads,

After analyzing all of its competitors, we have found it best for its quality. Instead of using a pee pad, you may find it more useful for its unique feature. The “Petsafe pet loo portable indoor/outdoor dog potty” is used as an alternative for puppy pads.

If you need to train up your puppy or adult to pee on the pads, this one is really considerable.

 It is appropriate and suitable for those who have no yard and live in homes and apartments. Also, it is portable and designed to use indoor and outdoor, getting the same features. Even, you can use it almost everywhere, and your puppy will be comfortable using it.

Feature that makes it unique from its other competitors is really useful when it comes to clean the urine. It has no odor and bad smell which is common to others. Moreover, it can make your life easier when you are a busy person.

When your dog uses it to pee, the urine is passed through its synthetic grass mat and will be stored into a pee pod tray which is adjusted under the grass mat. Before let uses your dog on the mat, you can remain sponge powder in the tray to convert the urine to a gel. And, then you can clean it anytime you want.

The synthetic grass mat of the potty is totally removable and washable. You can rinse it with an enzyme cleaner, which is also available to its retailer. Even if your grass mat needs to be changed, you can also do it. There are three different sizes of potty, and all accessories of them are available to support customers.

Usually, dogs like to use this potty and be trained up easily because it has a grass mat that is looking like real grass. And, the grass is the favorite of dogs. That’s why they are habituated to using this as a bathroom.

However, If you feel any unexpected smell from the potty or just simply want to rinse it, you can do it undoubtedly. When you rinse it in order to get rid of any bad smell, here is our suggestion removes the grass mat daily and rinses it with warm water.

If you don’t want to do this daily, you must clean the entire unit with a hose and then allow it to dry. Besides, I will recommend you to use an enzyme cleaner 2-3 times in a week.


  • Dogs love it
  • Easy to train up
  • Required less space
  • Don’t need to use pee pads


No major cons have been found, but you may experience a bit difficulty cleaning it.

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