Creative and best bathroom mats

While stepping out of the bathroom after taking a shower, the first thing you want your feet on is a comfortable bathroom mat. A wet floor could spell danger no matter what material your floor has. To provide a cozy and anti-slipping surface in front of the bathroom, there is no alternative to a bathroom mat. A plush, super absorbent, and tasteful mat can add a lot to your comfort and luxury. This article contains everything you should know before choosing the creative and best bathroom mats according to your need.

Best place for bathroom rugs and mats:

The most common question which pops up first is where exactly you should place the bathroom mats or rugs. The main objective of using a bathroom rug is to use it as an absorbent. So you should place the mats or rugs in places that are prone to getting wet.

  1. The most common place to keep your bathroom rug or mat is next to your bathtub. The reason is obvious. When you are getting out of the bathtub, the bathroom mat or rug allows you to land on it and soaks all the water dripping from your body. So place your mat or rug lengthwise next to the bathtub.
  2. Bathroom rugs can also be placed next to the shower.
  3. You can place a comparatively small mat or rug in front of the bathroom sink. You or your guest obviously would want to brush or wash their faces in the bathroom sink. A rug under your feet while doing these chores adds a more cozy and sophisticated feel. Again the sprinkles of water while using the bathroom sink will also get absorbed.
  4. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, you can place a single rug in such a way that it meets all your needs at the same time. This will work out perfectly if your bathroom is a bit smaller. In the case of a spacious bathroom, you should use multiple mats and rugs.

What material is best for bathroom mats:

The main purpose of a bathroom mat is not like the other mats we use at the entrance or anywhere else. Other mats are used in dry places mainly to hold dirt and moisture. But bathroom mats are left in a place that may remain damp all the time. So water absorbency and self-drying are the two important criteria that should be kept in mind. Bathroom mats are available in materials like cotton, chenille, memory foam, microfiber, bamboo, etc. Some of these materials are discussed below.

  1. Cotton: Cotton is the most common material for bath mats. The main advantage of cotton as a material is its absorption capacity. It provides you with a very soft feeling under your feet. Cotton mats are self-drying and very easy to wash. These are usually machine washable. Because of the thin texture, cotton mats dry very quickly. The only disadvantage of cotton mats is the price range which is slightly high.
  2. Memory foam: Memory foam mats are a good option for people suffering from chronic body aches and joint pain. These mats also have good absorbing capacity. These are very comfortable for feet and easy to wash.
  3. Microfiber: Microfiber is a very affordable choice in terms of buying a bathroom mat. Microfiber mats provide you with feathery softness and excellent water absorbing quality. Self-drying is also a mentionable quality of microfibre mats. But because of often cheaply made, microfiber mats can lack durability.
  4. Bamboo or exotic wood: Mats made of bamboo or exotic wood are great if you want a solid platform to stand on. These types of mats would stand out because of their look and durability. These mats are very easy to wash. Moreover, if you want a mat made of environmentally friendly materials, mats made of bamboo or exotic wood will not disappoint you.
  5. Others: Other options are synthetic fiber, chenille, natural fiber, etc. Synthetic fiber is good for fast drying but not very absorbent. Chenille is not quite popular. It is more applicable for multipurpose usage. Chenille mats are fairly absorbent and good at catching dust. Natural fiber mats are mostly made of coconut or rush grass. Mats made from natural fiber have good absorbency. But these are very hard to wash and heavy in weight.

What kind of tub mats are best for the bathroom:

Tub mats are great for keeping the bathroom slip-proof. Therefore, you should not choose your tub mats randomly. Pick a tub mat that suits the size of your tub. Tub mats come in various shapes and sizes. The shape of the mat depends on your taste. Next, you should consider the mentioned criteria:-

  1. Suction cups: To prevent the mat from slipping, suction cups hold the tub mat fixed in its position. Check the bottom of your desired mats to ensure that it contains suction cups.
  2. Foot traction: Foot traction is essential to provide your feet with a good grip. A textured surface on the upper side of the tab mat should be identified while choosing.
  3. Drain hole: Pretty much all kinds of tub mats include drainage holes. Drainage holes prevent water build-up and allow a smooth water flow. It helps in fast drying and makes the mat more durable.

Now we have a lot of considerations to make before choosing the right bathroom mat or rug. Maintenance plays a great role in ensuring the durability of your bath mats. Before washing a bath mat or rug, carefully read the label. Choose your mat in such a way that it is equally appropriate for people of all ages.

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