Best Way to Wash Bathroom Floor Mats

Best Way to Wash Bathroom Floor Mats

Today we discuss Best Way to Wash Bathroom Floor Mats. Mats placed in the bathroom should be regularly washed, as they can become quite dirty from being exposed to moisture and foot traffic. The best way to clean them is by using a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment, as this will remove all of the dirt and debris that has built up over time. Mats that are not machine-washable can be cleaned by shaking them outside or beating them against a wall.

best way to wash bathroom floor mats:

Taking proper action to wash bathroom floor mats helps you destroy all the germs, bacteria, and mold from your mats. Just follow the instructions below.

Look at your mats care label

Though most bath mats are washable by machine, it is good to check the mat’s care label, whether it is machine-supported or not. Many mats may have special instructions to clean them, such as heat-free laundering.

Shake the mats outdoors

Shake your mats outside of the room to ensure it has not attached any external dirt like hair. Doing this several times a week is always good to keep your mats clean.

Prepare washing machine

Prepare your washing machine and keep it balanced for a wash. Then add your mats into it.

Use appropriate cleaning products

Use the right kind of cleaning materials for a truly clean bath mat. You can use a 1 / 4 cup distilled white vinegar with detergent to make an effective sanitation treatment. If you have any unwanted smell with the mats, using a few drops of tea tree can get rid of it. However, don’t use any bleach because it can break down rubber backing and defeat them.

Use the right temperature

In spite of using hot temperatures to damage the glue that supports the mat’s fibers, it is best for killing bacteria and mold. You can use hot temperatures on cotton, polyester, nylon, and plastic rugs. But, when it comes to cleaning memory foam bath mats, you must use a cooler temperature. Too much heating will damage its synthetic materials.

Air dry if possible

Doing air drying is the best option if you have the chance. It will help you dry your mats, preserving their rubber backing and glue; if it is not possible for you, run them in a dryer for around 20 minutes. Usually, it takes 20 minutes to dry. When it is completely dry, remove them immediately from the dryer. However, drying them in the sun can help them to be sanitized too.

Take extra care

Bath mats and rugs usually get wet because of being in front of the shower or tub. It can make your mats odors and mold. So, making a habit of keeping your mats on the bathtub side or on the towel rack can solve this problem.

How often should you clean your bath mats?

The answer to how often to clean bathroom mats is quite dependable. It depends on how many people use this mat, and how frequently. But generally, it is suggested washing a bathmat at least once a week is well.

If your bath mat is shared with the above two people, you have to clean it between three to five days. On the other hand, if the bath mat is not shared with anyone and is used personally for you, you have to clean it once within ten days. It prevents the build-up of mold and bacteria from the mat.

You have to keep in mind that a damp place is ideal for building up mold and odors. It is also for your bathroom mat. So, keeping the mat always dry is essential for everyone.

To keep your mats and rugs dry, you can make an environment that allows the bath mat to dry. To do this, you can open a window or turn on your fan after each use. It will provide ventilation that makes your mats and rugs easy dry.

Besides, you can keep your bathmats hanging on the towel rack or keep them under a light. Light can help to dry anything.

 Even it can prevent bacteria and mold build-up from your mats.

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